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Trendy Bar: Milk and Honey

by Krista

Milk & Honey
61 Poland Street
W1F 7NU 

Date of Last Visit: Friday, June 26, 2004

The Victims: Rutton, Ashley, Fredrik, Sophia, TJ, Haitham

I’ve been wanting to go to M&H FOREVER because it’s a members-only bar. And membership is expensive. So I finally got to go and my initial experience was very TWA-loungesque. Meaning, "I’m sorry sir, but you can only bring one guest." Which is understandable, but they should make everyone sign a waiver because WHAT IS THE POINT? when your guests are already there and it means being rude to your members’ guests?

So after like 10 minutes on the sidewalk, Rutton finally gained us access to the special VIP area which was like the most mellow thing ever. We were so bored. Fredrik fell asleep. Service was great and friendly, but the music was just such a downer.

So a Kir Royale later, we snuck downstairs to see if they’d let us into the main area and they did! And I liked that much better.

But see membership costs 250 GBP a year, and I’m not sure I’m up for that. It’s a great bar–reminds me a lot of the old Augenblick in Chicago with its darkness and low tables–but I don’t think I’d want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member. Uh, but maybe this place is so totally cuteness that I’ll spring for it. We shall see.

The Verdict: Go once, just to say you’ve been. But remember that you’re not that important.

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