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Fancy Chinese: Imperial City

by Krista

Imperial City
Royal Exchange Building

020 7626 3437   

Date of Last Visit: May 11, 2004

The Victim: Dad!

So I love Chinese food. I could eat Chinese food every day for the rest of my life. It’s just so delicious and fresh and yummy and everything. People at work told me I should go to Imperial City and have the Crispy Duck. So I said, "Well let’s all go," so all the ladies went one day and we had the crispy duck and some white wine and had an absolutely fabulously delicious duck pancake experience.

When my dad came into town, I went back to Imperial City. Same experience. Yummy yummy crispy duck pancakes. We had some red wine, and then we switched to Tsing Tao. I love Tsing Tao.

I will fault the service somewhat because there are just SO many of them and you never quite know who your main waitperson is. Ah yes, and the decor is a bit too fancy for me. And well, it’s PRICEY. But those duck pancakes are just PERFECT.

Overall Verdict: If you’ve got the cash, go. The crispy duck is FANTASTIC.

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