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Casual, Lowest-Common Denominator: Smiths of Smithfields

by Krista

Smiths of Smithfield
67-77 Charterhouse Street
EC1M 6HJ   

020 7251 7950

Date of Last Visit: Sometime in early June, 2004

I like Smiths of Smithfields. I like the atmosphere, that is. I’m a sucker for exposed brick and old warehouses converted into other things. See, many years ago I was intoxicated and lost in a techno club somewhere in London. I stumbled out into the street, and right into the arms of a waiting Mini Cab.

All I remembered was "Fabric" and it was horrible, but it was next to what looked like a very cute bar. So I’ve always wondered, "What was the name of that very cute bar?"

Then one morning recently, I went for a run and heard loud techno music playing. It was 8 a.m. and I was running by Fabric and it must have just been CLOSING and people were in the street. I said, "A HA!" And looked next door. And there it was, Smiths of Smithfields.

I’ve been back to Smiths a number of times now. It’s fun. It’s big though, which isn’t the greatest. But it’s got good decor and a large well-stocked and well-run bar, so that’s important.

I had dinner on the Top Floor–the fancy restaurant–recently and it was good. Not great, not bad, but good. Our pate was delicious, particularly with a little sea salt on it. The waiter warned me my pork would have a lot of fat on it and it did and that was gross. There was hardly any meat.

I ordered the stuffed figs for dessert and they were gross; don’t get them. But our waiter warned me that too. I don’t know what was up with me; I guess I just wanted something different. Service was super friendly, almost too friendly in some aspects.

Verdict: Go if you have a large party and want something that will appeal to most people. It’s a nice friendly place.

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