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Restaurants in Tallinn, Estonia: Olde Hansa

by Krista

Vana turg 1
Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: +372 6279020

Img_1223 Date of Last Visit: Tuesday, May 22nd

The Victim: Dad

The Damage: Unknown! Dad paid!

The Background: In my endless quest to keep my father amused, I took him to Tallinn for a few days. I am the best daughter ever. OK, I wanted to go too.

All the guidebooks say you have to try Olde Hansa. It is, apparently, the Hofbrauhaus of Tallinn. But classier. Being a sucker for the Hofbrau, I marched Dad over to Olde Hansa for lunch.

The Service: My father dropped his plan to find a Korean girlfriend, and instead decided to find a nice Estonian girl instead. Really, our server was super sweet and charming.

The Drinks: We started off with a little schnapps, which was quite nice. It was called "Monk’s Bride" and was meant to keep the monks warm in cold months. From here, Dad switched over to wine and I ordered an Olde Hansa spiced beer, which was quite nice.

The Food: A notch above pub fare, but below gourmet. It was interesting and different. I had the mixed sausages–wild boar was one of the sausages on offer. My dad went with the salmon. We were both very pleased with our lunch. Nothing too fancy, but just a little bit different enough to keep things interesting. 

The Atmosphere: Truly lovely. Olde Hansa is lit almost entirely by candles…even the loos are candlelit!

The Verdict: I’d go back! This assumes I go back to Tallinn at some point, of course.


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