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Korean: Arang

by Krista

9 Golden Square
020 7434 2073

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Victim: Dad

The Damage: About £50 with drinks

The Background: My Korean restaurant experience at Wonjo in NY was so fantastic that I was eager to have more Korean BBQ. My father looked a me like I was crazy. He needs to expand his culinary horizons. I had done my research ahead of time, and I had honed in on Arang, which had outstanding reviews on London-eating.

The Service: We were a tag on the early side, and the staff couldn’t have been sweeter. My father announced loudly, many times, that his next girlfriend would be Korean. I tried not to run away and hide.

The Food:I totally got suckered into the £17-per-person set menu, and that was a big mistake because there was way too much food. We started with the pan chen (kimchee and radishes and other little bits), and then came along a tray of glass noodles and an assortment of Korean pancakes. And then came the BBQ and it was a HUGE plate of meat. My father chooses this point to tell me that he doesn’t really eat red meat anymore.

This didn’t stop him from helping himself to a couple of delicious beef tacos and scraping the bowl of bean paste clean, of course.

The Loos: Gross. I am giving more and more thought to that power-washing business.

The Verdict: Sweet service and good barbecue (although it’s gas-fired, not charcoal). I think the pancake assortment could have been fresher, and I’d warn folks away from the loos. I also thought the interior was a little austere. But all in all, not so bad. 

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NYCMel June 2, 2007 - 9:38 am

We love Wonjo’s in the k-town, Kum Gum Kang San (a few doors down from Wonjo’s) and also Soho’s Wo Lee Oak (though higher end). Our new mission here is to find Korean BBQ and a ramen shop.

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