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Wine Bars in Tallinn, Estonia: Gloria Wine Bar

by Krista

Müürivahe 2, 10146
Tallinn, Estonia
Tel: +372 6 446 950


Date of Last Visit: Tuesday, May 15th

The Victim: Dad

The Damage: Unknown! Dad paid.

The Background: I really am the BEST daughter ever. My father (likes to think he) is a simple man: he likes red wine, fish, and the cha cha. Knowing his fondness for red wine and my appreciation of a comfortable venue, I made the Gloria Wine Bar our destination, cha cha aside.

Now you must imagine me guiding my father down a half-deserted street in Estonia, looking for Number 2. He is VERY cranky. He is convinced that I do not know where I am going. He doesn’t want to walk anymore. He wants to stop and go back and go somewhere else. (History has taught me NEVER to let give in to pressure and let him take me to the first place he sees. It will no doubt be awful, utterly charmless and with disasterous food.) I have never heard an adult man whine so much.

But there, off in the distance, is the entrance to the Gloria Wine Bar. I enter, my father behind me. It’s so wonderfully lovely, he immediately stops moaning and complaining. (The moaning and complaining, however, is immediately replaced with the phrase "I am very impressed." Repeatedly. Non stop. Parents…sigh.)

The Atmosphere: The Gloria Wine Bar is settled in a little bit below street level, so there are lots of low ceilings and nooks and crannies. Wine is stored everywhere, and the wine list is impressive. I think they could probably offer a few more wines by the glass, but it was entirely acceptable. Oh, and I really could have used some nuts or something, and there were no snacks to be had. Sigh.


The Service: The young man who served us was awesome…chatty, interesting, informative. He told us all about the background of the riots a couple of weeks earlier. My father peppered the poor kid with questions, but he answered them all with aplomb. This guy is a keeper, for sure.

The Verdict: Absolutely lovely. Would go back in a heartbeat.

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Howard Vaan 2007 -

It’s pretty nice there and the attached wine shop is one of the best in Tallinn . . . it’s where I got my champagne when I spent New Year in Estonia.

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