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Profiling…Rich from Grumbling Gourmet

by Krista

Chelsea bridge
While I take a little holiday from London,
restaurants, and blogging, here are some profiles of other bloggers you
should get to know! (London and elsewhere.) I'll be back in June.

Your name and location?
Rich. London!

Your blog?
Grumbling Gourmet

What was your last meal out? How was it?
Other than a local Sunday lunch earlier, it would have been the other night at The Ivy Club. Certainly not innovative fine dining, but I love their attention to detail and the quality of the ingredients. Sadly not one I'll blog, but always a superb experience.

What's been your worst meal ever?
Too many to count… with the exception of France, I've learnt never to eat in railway stations or within sight of a major tourist attraction.

I once made the big mistake of being dragged into the Bubba Gump on Times Square. I think that'd take the award overall.

In recent memory, I'd have to call out Vanilla restaurant on Great Titchfield St. The food wasn't bad at all but the service was the worst I've ever experienced (and I've spent time in Paris)

What's been the most commented post on your blog? Why?
Sadly not much yet, as I say, it's only been going since February and I'm still trying to work out how to get people there! It's taking time, but I'm starting to get there… This profile might just make a difference!

My New York Trip Planning post has had a few comments and bits of advice from people I don't know which was really gratifying, though it doesn't really count as a review per se

Got any restaurant pet peeves? Things you really wish restaurants would/wouldn't do?
Unnecessary innovation and poor quality ingredients (or really good ingredients that have been messed around with until you can't tell what they are)

Massive mark ups on wine

Charging for water… and I could go on for hours about kids running round too, but that's not really the restaurant's fault.

When and why did you start your blog?
Not so long ago… I started in February this year.

I've eaten at some very good (and some really bad) restaurants around the world over the years – partly for work and often for pleasure. I now work for a lifestyle concierge company and so have to be able to recommend and talk about some of the best to members of my service.

I've also spent a fair amount of time reading (and disagreeing with) reviews and critiques on the subject of food. The more I've done so, the more I've been inspired to write my own.

Any food trends you're seeing that we should be aware of?
I'm up for an increase in seasonal food and a focus on origin and terroir. I'll also carry on dreaming about In n' Out Burgers skipping the Atlantic and opening up in Soho…

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