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Profiling…Ino from Kitchen 22

by Krista

While I take a little holiday from London,
restaurants, and blogging, here are some profiles of other bloggers you
should get to know! (London and elsewhere.) I'll be back in June.

Your name and location?
Ino. Cambridge!

Your blog?
Kitchen 22

What was your last meal out? How was it?

Last meal out… I didn't blog about it. It was at the Cambridge Chop House, the sister restaurant of St John's Chophouse and it was fantastic as usual. Really good suet puddings. That place made me appreciate proper British food, which has such a bad reputation with us foreigners!

What's been your worst meal ever?
Oh wow, that's a hard one. I try to forget when I've had a really bad experience! It must have been a curry house. I knew I shouldn't have gone to that specific one but someone convinced me. My curry had a can of chopped tomatoes open on top of it. Not even hot, not even mixed in. I was lost for words.

What's been the most commented post on your blog? Why?
Chocolate and orange cake I think. Why? People like cakes, people like Nigella. And it hasn't got any butter or flour in it!

Got any restaurant pet peeves? Things you really wish restaurants would/wouldn't do?

Including the tip in the bill. Filling up my glass with wine/juice/beer -  I want to do it myself. Oversized pepper mills? Bad idea.

When and why did you start your blog?
Well, I realised I spent loads of time cooking and reading other blogs, and felt like I should give it a go myself. Started quite randomly really, mainly because I convinced myself it will help me with writing and with learning new skills and I really think it has. It's still early days but I have become more comfortable with cooking, writing and photographing and I think it shows on the blog too! It was about a year ago, although I have been blogging more frequently since the beginning of 2010, which I consider the real start of my blog!

Any food trends you're seeing that we should be aware of?
Oh dear, I'm sure you know better, I'm so slow at joining the trends – I haven't even had a macaron yet! Cupcakes?

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Gourmet Chick May 27, 2010 - 8:16 am

Great feature while you have been away Krista – look forward to hearing about your travels

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