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Profiling…Melanie from Om Nom London

by Krista

Melanie - Om Nom London Photo
While I take a little holiday from London,
restaurants, and blogging, here are some profiles of other bloggers you
should get to know! (London and elsewhere.) I'll be back in June.

Your name and location?
Melanie, London!

Your blog?
Om Nom London

What was your last meal out? How was it?

My last meal out was Viet Grill on Kigsland Road. It was amazing -so much so that I've now gone there two Sundays in a row, followed by a trip to the Colombia Road Flower Market. Still have to do my write-up though!

What's been your worst meal ever?
I think it would have to be Boulevard Dining Room in Soho.  The food was barely edible. It was a complete rip-off and I'm surprised they're even in business.

What's been the most commented post on your blog? Why?
. I think it was because I happened to go there during the initial buzz. The post was featured on the Urbanspoon newsletter and homepage for a while, which I'm sure helped out a bit too.  Though I have to say my series on Paris restaurants, while not often commented on, is the most read.

Got any restaurant pet peeves? Things you really wish restaurants would/wouldn't do?
I really wish they would list out all the ingredients in a dish if there's a substantial amount of it included. Anyone who knows me, knows my unadulterated hatred of cucumbers, and I can't tell you how many times it's not listed as an ingredient on a dish, but magically shows up on my plate after a tactical order.

When and why did you start your blog?
Like Krista, I'm an American expat in London. I found that I associate most of my 'London experiences' with going out to eat, and I wanted a way to remember that. I started writing about food a few years ago on my other personal blog, but it ended up getting a life of its own in June 2009. 

Any food trends you're seeing that we should be aware of?
With the shutting of El Bulli, it seems that there's been a bit of a backlash against the really wacky molecular gastronomic experiences.  People are vocally concerned not just about getting an an experience as they are a good meal (if they're going to be paying hundreds of pounds for it, anyway). A new wave of Fat Duck positive reviews from food bloggers as of late proves there has to be style and substance for that type of restaurant to survive in the long-term.

Oh, and burgers. Far too many burgers.

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