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Local Italian: Zuccato City

by Krista

4 Bow Lane
Tel: 020 7329 6364

Date of Last Visit: Friday, July 15 (Sorry, I’ve been in Alaska and am a bit behind.)

The Victims: Jen, Bina, Anne, Isabelle, Vid, Niculie

The Damage: 11 GBP each

We hadn’t meant for it to be a ladies’ lunch, but that’s what it became. Us girls headed out for lunch on Bow Lane, one of my favorite little streets in the City. We had never been to Zuccato before, but had heard good things, and I for one was optimistic.

Ah, such dashed hopes! We waited forever and ever for a waitress to take our order, and then when she did, we waited forever and ever for our food to arrive. And then when it (the food) arrived, well, the reviews are mixed. The highlight was the garlic bread starter, which reminded me of a white pizza in Italy…very thin crust, just the right amount of olive oil and garlic and oregno. Scrummy! My risotto–a veggie risotto–was so super salty that I was downing water for the rest of the day. Vid’s pasta looked reheated. Jen and Anne made wise choices with their green salads with stuffed chicken (goat cheese!), and I was regrettful.

We tried asking for the bill, but I must have been speaking in toungues (I wish I’d stop doing that) because that didn’t seem to translate. Forever and ever later, the bill arrived. Duly paid, and off we went.

The Verdict: Not sure we’d go back. I asked on the way out, "Silks & Spice or Zuccato next time?" and Silks & Spice was the definitive winner. Even though we’ve been there like 2 million times already.

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