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Dependable Central: Cafe des Amis

by Krista

11-14 Hanover Place
Tel: 020  7379 3444

Date of Last Visit: 10 July 2005

The Victims: Julie, Joe

The Damage: 25 GBP a pop

The sales are on! How fantastic. Sunday was a great day to go shopping. And have brunch somewhere fun and central. I chose Cafe des Amis because it’s central and the reviews are good. It is central, and it’s off the beaten track in that it’s not on the Plaza. It also has a cute outside sitting area in a cute cobblestone alley. Which unfortunately for us, was full!

So we sat inside. It was a bit hotel-esque. No character! And it had potential. Our server was very sweet and very unobtrusive–he was always available, but he was very subtle. A good combo! For mains, Julie and I went with some sort of fish (I’m sorry, it escapes me now. I think it was Cod.), which came with mashed potatoes and pesto. Very good. Licked our plates clean. Joe went for the Eggs Benedict, which he also seemed to enjoy.

My small wine was very large. My mango sorbet was very festive. And delicious. I do love a good sorbet. And although I don’t like mango the fruit, I do love mango the sorbet.

Big thumbs down on the ladies’ room. Claustrophobic stalls and seats that had seen better days. Terrible! They can do much better.

The Verdict: Well, I don’t think I’d go again. It just wasn’t exciting enough. It was good though.

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