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How do I love thee?: Bibdendum

by Krista

81 Fulham Road
Tel: 020 7581 5817

The Victim: Boss

Date of Last Visit: Thursday, July 14, 2005. (Sorry, still catching up after all that salmon in Alaska!)

The Damage: Unknown

I needed a venue close to a couple of key locations. Firstly, a tube, as I was wearing pretty impossible heels. Secondly, a parking garage. Thirdly, a hotel. Also, I needed something business-like with good service and good food. And of course, if it was available via Toptable.co.uk, even better.

So Bibendum, it was. I still haven’t gotten over my anger towards a different Conrad property–Le Pont de la Tour. A long story, but in May of 2004, they insisted they were fully booked and wouldn’t seat us, but yet remained empty the entire evening–oh yes, we watched. My father isn’t a Private Investigator for nothing. But I tried to not bias myself.

So we chanced a visit to another Conrad–but this time, with a booking. Bibendum was empty upstairs when we we were seated. But I was intrigued by the downstairs Oyster bar–looked like a nice place to while away a Saturday afternoon–and it was sufficiently packed. Also, the tile work was a nice touch. (After spending 10 days with Uncles George and Bob, I am very sensitive to good tile work.) As usual in English restaurants, I feel like a million different people waited on us, and the sommelier looked weird–kinda like a guy from Revenge of the Nerds–and he wasn’t overly helpful. (Then again, Boss knew what he wanted.)

Perhaps getting ready for my sojurn in Alaska, I ordered the scallops to start and they were super-delicious; they were accompanied by risotto, which after my stay in Croatia, has me forever a fan. And the Bibendum stained glass was just so pretty…all in all, I was settling in very nicely. I went for the Breen for my main, with a side of spinach. The spinach was also super-delicious; I swear they laced it with anisette or something. Boss also enjoyed his food tremendously…if I remember correctly, it was the roasted chicken. After we left, he said it was one of the best meals he’d had in the UK…good stuff.

For dessert, I had the warm strawberries with iced lavender parfait and Champagne. The champagne was a pink champagne, and it was presented in a tall shot glass…lovely. The iced lavender was like nothing I’ve ever had before…it was creamy, but solid. I wish I knew what the ingredients were. Fantastic.

I used the Ladies’ and remember that it was nice, but nothing to write home about.

The Verdict: A delightful experience with wonderful food and attentive (if not very personal) service. I’d go again. Definitely.

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