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Exmouth Market Market

by Krista

Just got back from Exmouth Market Market, the new food market over on well, Exmouth Market. It’s so sad and lonely. It’s sad. It really is. On the bright side, however, I scored a Brindisa Chorizo sandwich in no time! There was one ready on the grill, and two waiting to be cooked. What a change from the Borough Market queues!

If I were in charge of Exmouth Market Market, I’d do this in these first few weeks and months to boost attendance and revenues (assuming those are their goals, aside from the presumed regeneration of a neighborhood and perhaps even strengthening of community via local involvement):

1. Live music. Who doesn’t love a steel drum band? Or, if I may be so bold, I highly suggest The Always Drinking Marching Band. Saw them in Lisbon and they rocked! OK, that might be far-fetched. There must be some local musicians?

2. Get the local restaurants involved. Why is there no table outside of Metcalf? Moro? The Ambassador? (Perhaps this is telling in itself.) What if they each offered one very special and attractively priced item?

3. Balloons for kids. Something for kids. Like a clown. But not a scary clown. Something that encourages mom and dad to pack up the kids and come over to buy some cheese and a cake or three.

4. Get a famous person to do a cooking demonstration or four. Or book signings. (Is there a local bookshop? I can’t remember.) OR–just make sure there are a few celebrity sightings there.

5. Move the tables. Is it me or are they way to crammed up against Sofra and the Indian place?

6. Get the people from the lovely Greenwich Market who make the delicious and cheap noodles to set up shop.

Anyhow, these are just the lowly thoughts of a Capitalist pig who likes to eat. Ignore me. See you tomorrow at Islington Farmer’s Market!

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