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Sunday Hang Out: Island Queen

by Krista

87 Noel Rd
London N1 8HD
Tel: 020 7704 7631

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, October 8th, 2006

The Victims: Ben, Gerry, Kristi, Anna, Natalie, Roper

The Damage: Beer money

Hello Sunday.


Sunday, Sunday. It was time for bookclub. This month was Orson Scott Card and Enders’ Game. I loved Enders’ Game. I loved Island Queen too. I loved in the way you love a neighborhood pub on a sunshiney day where you don’t have to work. Although no one really pays any attention to you at the bar, they’re out of Friuili (sp?), and there’s no music on, it’s okay. Really, it’s okay.

Luckily for us, the upstairs was empty and the sun was coming through the windows just so. We drank our beer, ate our bread and olives, and got some culture.

The Verdict: No complaints.

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