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Vote for Best Guest Blog, Plus April Stats

by Krista

So, who was the best guest London restaurant blogger while I took a few days off? You choose! Vote by 12 noon on Sunday, May 11th. I’ll treat the winner to a Michelin-starred dinner somewhere in London!

Was it Douglas from Intoxicating Prose with his review of Galvin at Windows? Or was it Bombay Beauty with his review of Italian Giusto? Or Jon from Oishii Oishii with his review of Japanese restaurant Matsuri? Use the cool little voting widget from Poll Daddy

In other news…In April, I turned 34. I also lost both the A and the I on my keyboard, which had a dramatic impact on productivity. And clarity. Losing keys sucks. You do not want to type. Typing becomes a chore. Do I buy a new laptop? Hmmm.

I digress. Here’s April. It was a good month.

April_stats6382 visits, up 11% from the month before. 13,128 page impressions, up 14% from the month before.

My top five non-search engine sources of new visitors were…
Mmm Yoso
London Review of Breakfasts
Cupcakes Take The Cake (a cupcake blog that linked to my cupcake series)
Chowhound.com (My profile)
pistonheads.com (A board about cars!)

My top five non-search engine referring sites were…
Ripe London
An American in London
London Review of Breakfasts
Mmm Yoso
London a la Mode

Exciting happenings…
Mike twittered my write-up of [email protected] which helped me discover new readers. Also, I noticed that my RSS feed subscriptions jumped up after that.
San Pelligrino offered me some free samples of my absolute favorite beverages…San Pelligrino Limonata and Aranciata. More to come on that in a bit.
I ran my first competition!

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Bombay Beauty May 6, 2008 - 11:11 am

I’m channeling my inner Jim Carrey — I’m going to vote for myself! (Is that allowed? In politics you can vote for yourself, so why not here?) BB

Kirk May 6, 2008 - 4:19 pm

A most Happy belated Birthday Krista!

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