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Coffee Workshop at Workshop with Thermos

by Krista

thermosHow do you write about a thermos? (Or, well, in this case, a Thermos®.) I hadn’t considered how to write about a Thermos until AFTER I attended a coffee-making workshop at Workshop in Clerkenwell hosted by the PRs behind Thermos. In hindsight, I exhibited very poor planning skills.

Because it’s really hard to write about a Thermos.

It’s easier to write about coffee or well, making coffee. So in many ways, the Thermos PR team were absolutely brilliant in coming up with this event. They chose a great location — Workshop in Clerkenwell — conveniently located down the road from me. They brought in a fantastic barista. And they served us some great coffee. (Or, well, we served ourselves great coffee after we made the coffee ourselves under the expert tutelage of the instructors.)

The Genuine Thermos Brand Beverage Flask keeps drinks hot (or cold) for up to 24 hours, thanks to the double-wall vacuum insulation. The team demonstrated this magic by filling our Thermoses with coffee the night before the event. I had a cup the next morning — 36 hours later — and the coffee was still pretty warm. Definitely drinkable.

The baristas at Workshop showed us how to use an Aeropress and a coffee cone — aka the V60. I like the idea of a coffee cone because it’s so low-tech. I like low-tech a lot these days. Life is too complicated already. Here’s a Vine I made of the coffee cone process:

This was a fun event. I learned a lot about coffee-making and left so caffeinated that I had to go buy a banana afterwards to slow myself down. (The potassium in bananas are good at absorbing caffeine, apparently.) And now I have a nice new Thermos.

I was invited to attend this event. I received a Thermos and a traveling coffee mug in return for my attendance and writing up the event.

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