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Guest Blog: Matsuri

by Krista


Today's guest blog comes from Jon at OishiiOishii. Don't forget to come back on Tuesday, May 6th to vote for your favorite guest blogger!

Irish footballer Ronnie O'Brian was once voted Juventus' Best Player Ever despite never actually having played a first team game for them, and in 1999 he was leading a Time Magazine online poll for Person of the Century ahead of the likes of Albert Einstein and Martin Luther King. These two situations came about from cheeky scamps manipulating online polls for their own amusement.

At the time of writing the Holborn branch of Matsuri weighs in on London Eating with an extremely impressive overall rating of 8.9 making it one of the top rated restaurants in London . Matsuri's 8.9 has not necessarily been achieved by dodgy means, it's just that if Ronnie O'Brian has taught us anything, it's to at least be a little wary of taking the results of online voting on face value.

Matsuri_sushiWhen I visited Matsuri in Holborn I went for their 15 Year Anniversary Menu (£35) along with a sushi platter shared between 4 – With the exception of the dessert which was pretty standard ice cream everything was very good. The sushi we had is probably one the best I've eaten in London with the fatty tuna being lip smacking, melt in your mouth delicious. The only slight complaint being that for £30 for the platter, the individual sushi pieces were a little on the small side.


The restaurant looks very swish in a simple modern way and it has a separate sushi counter which is apparently the longest in the UK . The service was also top notch with everyone extremely polite and efficient.

Overall Matsuri is excellent, so I there's probably not been a case of the Ronnie O'Brians. That said 8.9 is a little on the high side when you take into account the cost of the food being a long way from a bargain. Lovely stuff none the less.

Thanks again to Jon at OishiiOishii for providing today's guest post while I take a little break Don't forget to come back on Tuesday, May 6th to vote for your favorite guest blogger!

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dulwichmum May 5, 2008 - 9:25 pm

Thank you so very much for making my modest bloglet one of your May finds! I feel so very special now. I love the photography and words on your site, well done!

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