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A Steal: The Steele

by Krista

97 Haverstock Hill
Tel: 020 7483 1261

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, April 30th

The Victim: Myself. And Julie.

The Damage: Julie paid!

It was my birthday. Yes. My day. Suffice it to say, I spent most of my day celebrating someone else’s day, which is so not so fun when it’s YOUR day and no one remembers that. So I was anxious. And in need of a little celebrating.

Julie suggested a couple of places in her neighborhood, so after jump-starting the world’s lowest mileage 3-year-old Audi convertible, we eventually met up at 8 on Haverstock Hill.

Our first choice, The Hill, was packed. So we headed to The Steele instead.

I have just two words: Mixed crowd.

Loved it. The young, the old, the dirty, the clean. They were all there. And so were we.

I have a new theory about bars with Thai restaurants. They’re associated with the Thai mafia. I betcha that there’s a guy out there selling Thai cooks all over London. The bar gets food, the dude gets 60% of the profit. A good deal.

I ordered my standard: Pad Se Eu. LOVED IT. It was honestly very delicious. My expectations were so, so low. But it was very, very oh so very good. Despite my ban on carbs, I ate it all. Every last bit.

I hate bars that tell me to be wary of my personal belongings. So that’s a big minus about The Steele. But we were tucked in a corner and no one stole anything, so we were fine.

The Verdict: Supposedly, Sadie Frost hangs out here. I wouldn’t bring my parents here, but given their lovely outdoor garden and delicious Thai cuisine, I can see some field trips in my future.

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