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Que Loco!: Crazy Homies

by Krista

127 Westbourne Park Rd
W2 5QL
Tel: 0871 0755844

Date of Last Visit: Monday, May 1

The Victims: Julie, Kristi, Adrien

Given my previous day, it was time to re-celebrate my birthday. Julie and I met up at The Westbourne, where we were instantly sad we weren’t Swedish and wearing dark sun glasses. Al & Louise joined us before jetting off to the theatre and we passed a leisurely few hours.

But then it was time: 6 p.m. I had been planning this for weeks. Crazy Homies. Mexican food. Yes. Mexican. Si. Si. Si. I had eaten at Crazy Homes before–sort of…Rutton ordered take-away from CH for the Superbowl back in January, so I was familiar with their guac and some of their different salsas. But I had never actually eaten IN at Crazy Homies.

Although I had been muy triste the day before–mis Cumpleanos–I was muy contento on May 1st, sitting there, drinking margaritas and eating tortilla chips and guacomole and all different types of salsa.

The chips and salsa at Crazy Homies is truly to be commended. It’s fantastico. Really. We could not get enough. It was a big bowl of chips (I’m wondering how long this will last–this big bowl) and delicious guac and interesting salsas. And they refilled all without charging us any extra. (Secretly, behind now used to London, I’m wondering if they just forgot about charging and if we were, instead, just lucky.) On the upside for them, their margaritas were delicious but so full of ice that they were all margin. So maybe that’s the secret.

We had many margaritas. Many. And then we ordered our food. Now, I used to eat Mexican (or Tex-Mex or whatever you want to call it) quite often, so when I saw Gringas on the menu, I was a bit intrigued. I had never heard of Gringas before, although I know Gringas means white girls. Being as such, I ordered the Gringas.

And I learned that Gringas means Quesadilla in Crazy Homies parlance. This makes me sad because Quesadillas to this Long Island girl are not MAINS. They are starters. So I wasn’t too excited.

My gringas were delicious though. I cannot truly complain. I just wish I had ordered the Burro (aka English for American "Burrito"). I do enjoy a delicious burrito.

I must mention that during the time we were there, this crazy homie came in and played 50s and 60s ska and it was so perfect. And he had dancing Barbies. It was cool.

Ah, well, I suppose that is all. We loved our chips and salsa. We loved our gringas. And the music. And Adrien loved his burrito.

The Veridct: I will go back many many times.

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Julie May 8, 2006 - 12:38 pm

¿Qué puedo decir sobre Homies loco? Para esto volvió a poner a americano, él es como un faro en la noche para cualquier persona que buscaba el alimento mexicano decente en este país. ¡Funcione, no camine! Pero no diga también a mucha gente – es pequeño y no deseo tener que esperar una tabla.

Dan August 5, 2009 - 1:07 pm

Hi, I love your posts! I also love Crazy Homies and agree with your views on their guac and salsas, so delish!
I live really close so am always keen on a bit of Homies, but they can get so crowded and don’t take bookings, so it’s easier to go for a mid-week fix.
Next time I go, I will do a post on http://www.noredmeat.com as our site is only new.
Next time you should try a “wet burrito” (burro covered with sauce and melted cheese) – they are the BEST!

will phipps December 10, 2009 - 1:40 pm

I love this place. Especially their margaritas..

Krista December 10, 2009 - 1:48 pm

Yes! Served with proper big ice cubes!

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