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A Pub with Food: The Devonshire Arms

by Krista

37 Marloes Road
W8 6LA
Tel: 020 7937 0710

Date of Last Visit: Saturday, April 22nd

The Victims: Kristi, Adrien

The Damage: Unknown because they paid and I forgot to pay them back.

I hadn’t seen K&A in ages, and if you consider that 10 years ago, K was literally in shouting (and throwing) distance from me, just a bunkbed away, I was going through withdrawal! So we made a plan to meet up.

K&A spent the afternoon climbing the white cliffs of Dover. I myself engaged in such similar strenuous endeavors. Armed with only my Persil tablets and Bounce Summer Breeze–imported directly from my country–I successfully conquered five (English) loads of laundry, an endeavor worthy of many pints of beer in the finest of English establishments. (Don’t even get me started on English washing machines. I can’t believe that English women can put up with the abysmal size of these things. )

Being a balmy night, we enjoyed a few Carlings in the great outdoors at the Devonshire Arms. We had a little table, tucked into the corner of the outdoor patio. It was perfect. Being worn out from all my folding, I sent K&A in to order my sustenance. There was only one directive: no carbs. They returned, triumphant, having successfully ordered me chicken skewers. As it turned out, I could have had the burger, because the Devonshire was out of buns. (And apparently, it was not possible to ask one of the local convenient stores to supply the same.) K&A’s burgers arrived, bunless, and I was jealous.

My chicken skewers were good. Not great. Just good. Not bad. But just not so hot otherwise. But my beer was cold and the outdoor patio was delightful.

The Verdict: Food is serendiptous. Just go for the beer and the patio.

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