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The Best Salad Dressing Ever: Pizza Express

by Krista

Img_1652_2 Call me crazy. But I love Pizza Express Salad Dressing. When I first moved to London, I lived over by Tower Bridge, and there was a Pizza Express around the corner and down the street from my flat. During the first year or two I lived in London, I flew back and forth to the US five or six times a year. (Enough to keep me covered in United Miles three years’ later. These trips also had a lasting affect on my immune system: after 1.5 years of being sicker than I’ve ever been in my entire life, I’ve determined that it’s now impossile for me to become ill. I have an immune system of steel. Of kryptonite. I will never be ill again. I swear.)

With all these pond-hopping-flights, I would land at Heathrow at 6 a.m., be home by 8 a.m., and nap until 11 or so. Then I’d have a salad at Pizza Express–with extra dressing–before heading into the office. (International travel makes me crave vegetables like nobody’s business.)

As much as food-focused people like me give Pizza Express crap about being a chain and all the assorted insults that come along with, well, being a chain, you gotta give the folks credit. They are one of the few dependable places in London to go to for a decent, dependable DINNER SALAD And some GInormously delicious salad dressing.

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