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Tea at Yauatcha, Plus Contest Finalists

by Krista

Yauatcha_teaFirstly, can I tell you the challenges of a keyboard where the letter A sticks? It has affected my blogging mojo, and for that, my dear readers, I apologize.

Secondly, Stacey is getting married next month. In the south of France, no less. So we took her out for tea at Yauatcha, where the macaroons are lovely and the service is a little all over the place. And then we spent 3.5 hours in Selfridges. (I never thought that possible, but pink champagne makes anything possible) And then we went to The Soho Hotel for more champagne. And then somehow, we ended up in Barrio Norte in Islington (the old Warwick). And then I went home.

15 Broadwick Street
020 7494 8888

In other news, my finalists in my "Win Dinner with Krista" contest are…
Douglas from Intoxicating Prose
Bombay Beauty
Jon from oishii oishii

Check back next week to see what they have to offer, and then remember, we’ll vote on the best on starting May 6th…

Where else have I been…

Two types of duck at The Four Seasons in Bayswater
The East Room, on multiple ocassions
Kipferl, for linzertorte
Snazz Sichuan for a spicy dinner

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Jill April 25, 2008 - 11:52 am

Gosh, you must have been either very lucky or very cunning to be able to photograph the food in Yauatcha without being told off by the staff! I witnessed one unfortunate table of people get a an earbashing because they were trying to take a snap of the people in their party, even though it was clearly someone’s birthday and the only things in the shot were going to be their heads and a bit of wall.

Jeanne April 26, 2008 - 12:35 am

Ooooh, was this a secret spycam cunningly concealed in the false bottom of a Prada bag?? These guys have a little freakout when you bring out a camera. They wasted no time telling our table to put our cameras away and another blogger was read the riot act while he was walking down the stairs and had not even been seated yet! Of course, this to me is more of a challenge than a ban, so I snuck in a load of photos anyway… 😉

Helen Yuet Ling Pang April 27, 2008 - 1:47 pm

I’ve taken loads of photos of dim sum at Yauatcha and never been told off. However, after having taken 6 photos at Sake no Hana during opening week, I was told to put my camera away. They’re up on my blog anyway in the first review ever written about the place. People love to see food photos, so I always get irritated by Alan Yau’s no photo policy. I had no problems at Hakkasan though, incidentally.

Bombay Beauty April 29, 2008 - 8:01 am

I’m psyched! It’s an honour to have been nominated, I keep on telling myself… I’m preparing both an acceptance speech and that stretched, smiling mask that actors put on when the “And the Oscar goes to…” envelope does not contain their name! BB

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