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Sunday Brunch: S&M Cafe

by Krista

48 Brushfield Street

London E1 6AG

Tel: 020 7247 5438

The Victim: Ashley

Date of Last Visit: Last Weekend in July

I love theme restaurants that are quirky but not cheesy. So I love S&M.

Get your mind out of the gutter–S&M stands for Sausage & Mash…which is pretty much all this restaurant serves. And minty peas–but I’m not sure where my mint was.

I got a regular sausage and a Thai sausage and some bubble & squeak and it was all very delicious. We did see someone send back their undercooked sausages, though–and that was gross. But mine were yummy. Sausage = good for Atkins. Bubble & Squeak = not so good.

I would write more but what else can I say—they have sausage and they have mash. And it’s delightful.

The Verdict: Go. Particularly on a Sunday so you can wander around Spitalfields and then have some sausage.

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