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I Love Seafood: Sweeting’s

by Krista

39 Queen Victoria Street


Tel 020 7248 3062

The Victim: Our Australian Finance Director, Craig

I love seafood. I have a problem with people who don’t like seafood. Seafood is good. It is not "fishy." People who say seafood is "fishy" have never eaten fresh fish.

So every so often, I go for a little walk at work and eventually, I make my way towards Queen Victoria Street where it about runs into Cannon Street and there’s Sweeting’s. And I look at all the seafood in the window and I sigh. Yummy.

So finally, I convinced our Australian Finance Director to come with me. I loved the seating arrangements–very different. You sit at a bar with about 8 to 10 stools. Your waiter stands behind the bar. I love the way she had the specials written on a notepad and just handed them to us. That was real.

I also liked how the wine was already out and about in chilled buckets. That was cool.

I ordered the scampi with bacon and a side of creamed spinach (Atkins, man). Craig got the Hake. We both gobbled our food up. It was yummy. I had some unfortunate spillage and the next person who took my seat was probably totally grossed out by the creamed spinach stain on the tablecloth, but oh well.

I will go back here again and again. But I will always go at 12 because #1, that’s when normal people eat lunch and #2, the closer you come to 1, the slimmer your chances of getting a seat.

The Verdict: GO!

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