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Star Lounge Coffee

by Krista


After my Big Shoulders experience the other day, I decided to check out the source of all Unicorn Blood — I mean Dark Matter Coffee — and try out the Star Lounge.

It’s an interesting space…it must have been a real bar at some point, but now it’s a coffee bar full of kids with Mac Book Airs mooching off the free wifi. This furthers my notion that what Chicago really needs is an Internet pub. A true pub with beer, but with lots of outlets and super fast wifi too. Anyone want to go in on this one with me?

The guy next to me was doing Bayesian equations. I was just drinking a cappuccino, staring off into space.

It was a good cappuccino. $4.25 worth of cappuccino  Dark Matter is a fruity blend. Based on my limited experience, I currently like Big Shoulders better, but this will be determined by a repeat visit to Big Shoulders in, oh, about 15 minutes.

The Verdict: Good stuff.  A little hot inside and the staff is a bit distant and slow. But an interesting experience nonetheless.

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Just Food Tweets (@JustFoodTweets) October 8, 2012 - 9:16 am

Food Blog – Star Lounge Coffee:
After my Big Shoulders experience the other day, I decided to check out the sou… http://t.co/5Ydd0Mq5

Tammie Grey October 10, 2012 - 8:54 am

I also love cappuccino 🙂 one of my favorites

Favourite table October 15, 2012 - 1:48 am

I love Star Lounge.

The guys/girls behind the counter are really nice, know a lot about coffee, and make excellent drinks. Try the Mayan Mocha iced- it will make your summer better, I promise. They have iced coffee on tap, the first coffee shop in the city that I know of to have that. One of my friends from Philly, a big coffee fan, makes sure to come to Star Lounge whenever he visits, usually multiple times, and we mail him coffee on the regular.

It’s that good. I’m a huge fan.

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