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Something South American: 1492

by Krista

404 North End Road
Tel: 020 7381 3810

The Victims: Becky, Jill

Date of Last Visit: Wednesday, March 30th

Ah, Chile. Ah, Pisco Sours and Casillero del Diablo and sun everywhere! It was fantastic. But that was 2002, and this is 2005 and I am not in Chile anymore. So Becky and I had been meaning to meet up for a while, and Jill has just moved to town from Paris. So I had read such great things about 1492 and off I went.

After an adventurous taxi ride–who knew Fulham was so close to Parson’s Green yet so far from The City–I made it to 1492 just a few minutes late. The decor was nice and welcoming–a little Breckenridge thing going on, but without the moose. Lots of brown leather and wood.

The waiter showed us to our table and called us Senoritas. I said "Gracias, Senor," and he actually corrected me with "Senorito." Uh, okay. Maybe there’s some operation going on there? He was a bit spacey (which seems to be a trend) and later forgot our sparkling water.

I ordered the Pisco Sour–just like Chile–and was pleasantly surprised by the size of the portion. Jill and Becky stuck with white wine. We ordered a mixed plate of hams and olives and anchovies (who knew they were so tasty?) and red peppers and cheese. Good nibbles. We also ordered empanadas, and I must say that I was disappointed that only three came on the plate. I expected more!

For entrees, Jill and I opted for the steak. Mine was served a little less than medium, but it was on some sort of metal platter which was very hot, so I was able to sear slices of steak to bring it up to less than bloody. Also, it came with some delicious buttery garlic-y sauce-y-sauce. Yummy. My side was spinach and it was honestly almost as good as the Spinach at Brindisa. A few pine nuts and it would have been perfect. Good stuff.

We skipped dessert and instead got some coffee and chatted a bit about life and everything else. All in all, a delightful evening.

The Damage: 30 GBP each.

The Verdict: My food was good. I was pleased. It wasn’t melt-in-my-mouth delicious, but it was good. I would go back potentially if I were in the ‘hood.

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