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Resolutions, Resolutions!

by Krista

It’s that time of year. I’ll try to keep this quick and painless…(and in no particular order)

>Eat at Locanda Locatelli
>Eat at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant, but not the Boxwood Cafe
>Eat at every restaurant on St. John Street between Smithfield Market and Angel (with a few exceptions a little bit north of the laudromat). Specifically: St. John, Pho, Clerkenwell Dining Room, etc.)
>Eat at every restaurant in Hoxton Square (with a few exceptions TBD)
>No foie gras in 2006!
>Become an expert on seafood, fish in particular

Others, I’m sure, will occur to me! And I’m open to suggestions. I’m pretty impressionable.

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