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My TripIt Pro Review: Why You Should Get It!

by Krista


My TripIt Pro Review

Let’s start with the free stuff. I am totally in love with TripIt. I book some flights, I book some hotels, I forward the email confirms to [email protected] and TripIt creates nice little itineraries for me. But then it goes to the next step…landing in London at 11 am? TripIt knows where your hotel is and will estimate how much time it will take you to get there. In my case, TripIt has estimated two hours from Heathrow to the City, which I think is a fine estimate, based on my experience. (But you don’t know about my superb airport-leaving skills. I will be in the City, if I’m lucky, in one hour and fifteen minutes.) TripIt will also add the average daily temperature and map everything out for you so you know where you are.

But now let’s talk about TripIt Pro! TripIt Pro will track all of your hotel and airline loyalty programs. So as you can see in my screenshot, I have 43,385 points that will expire in 60 days. Hence my mad dash yesterday to move my Virgin Atlantic miles to  Hilton HHonors before they expire next month.

And ALERTS! The TripIt alerts are awesome, and my experience has been they come in before my United alerts. Has my flight changed gate? Is it delayed? What baggage claim has been assigned to the flight? These all pop up as handy e-mail alerts AND notifications on my iPhone.  There’s also a cool feature I haven’t used yet that, in case you are stuck in a middle seat, you will get a notification when a better seat becomes available. Check out the full list of TripIt Pro features.

OMG and flight refunds!! TripIt Pro can monitor flight prices and let you know if prices have fallen below what you initially paid.

My TripIt Pro review is overwhelmingly positive. TripIt Pro is not cheap really — it’s $49 a year — but if you travel a lot and like instant information and if you want to track all your hotel loyalty programs (and ID numbers!) in one place, you should get it.

P.S. Just to be clear, this is my personal endorsement of TripIt and TripIt Pro. I have no relation to them whatsoever. 

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Kirk July 1, 2013 - 9:20 am

Love Tripit. Don’t travel enough for Pro though. I use EVerNote as well paying for offline access for the months we traveled.

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