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Spain, Portugal, the New World, and Italy. With a Little PDA on the Side.

by Krista


of MontrealWraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games

Yes, I was traumatized during wine class the other week. Louise and I sat diagonally across from a girl and a guy who couldn’t keep their hands off each other–for two ENTIRE hours–while we were relishing our rioja. You could light a fire, I tell ya.

So the sad part is that I think I learned more about the birds and the bees and how to best maneuvre about under tables in public places than I did about the vinos de España y Portugal.

In the end, I liked the Vinho Verde from Portugal. I learned that petillant means "slightly sparkling." Tucked into my notes, next to "GET A ROOM," I wrote "green fruit, fizzy, cool."

And then it was time for the Kiwi-licious Nick Dumergue. He took us through the entirety of the New World in all of two hours. (Our lovebirds were strangely absent.) I liked the 2005 Pinot Noir by Quartz Reef, in Central Otago New Zealand. Central Otago, apparently, is the most southern vineyard region in the world. I loved, loved, loved the wine from my country. (I am NOT biased, I promise! It was a blind tasting!) It was the 2004 Old Vines Zinfandel from Seghesio, Sonoma California. I learned that Zinfandel is very much related to Primitivo in Italy and that, at the end of the day, Maury is right: DNA don’t lie. (Oh my God, that Wikipedia entry has to be the funniest thing I’ve read in the nearest short-term time period.)

This past Tuesday, Nick took us on a tour of Italy. And now I so totally want to go on this course. But in between, let me tell you what my notes say. 
1. Only 10% of Sicilian wine is bottled.
2. The moon and biodynamics are forces to be reckoned with. As proved by one of my favorites, the 2004 Rossa di Montalcino, Stella di Campalto, from San Giuseppe in Tuscany.
3. Nebbiolo can strip your teeth.

Ah wine. My mother only drinks Riesling these days. She is so ahead of the curve.

P.S. Again, sometimes you need a stock photo. This one is from ppdigital via morguefile.com

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