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My Favorite Posts

by Krista

These are some of my favorite blog posts ever…I can only think of six right now…which is sad given that I’ve written more than 600! Oddly, none of them are London restaurant reviews! More to come, I’m sure.

A designer, some tapas, and a very good day. Still one of my most randomly fun days in London ever.
The Food-itudes. I’ve always liked guidelines better than commandments.
Arepas in Camden, Gilgamesh, and The Cuban: Another random day around London. I like the way I compare the restaurant Gilgamesh to a hotel in a small city in China.
Miyabi: One of those dinners with friends who you don’t see often enough.
The Leicester Square Challenge: My most commented post. I think this post brought a lot of lurkers out. I’m sure there are still more tips, so please continue to add!
Mexican & Motherhood: Burrito Beach Cafe: One of my all-time worst dates.

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