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Mushi Mushi: Kintaro

by Krista

26-27 Lisle Street
Tel: 020 7437 4549

Date of Last Visit: 16 October 2005

The Victim: Aroma, aka Xuefang

The Damage: 20 quid!!!

Aroma just moved to London from Chicago and I am so excited because she is the best! We had plans to meet up at Kuli Kuli but learned the hard way that it’s closed on Sundays. So we wandered towards Chinatown, in search of Japanese food. Yes, I know. That’s weird.

But hey, sitting there on the street were a number of Japanese places. We wandered until we saw one that matched our test: Japanese people inside. That was Kintaro. And thus we entered.

The place was small. But that’s okay. You could see the kitchen from where we were–and I’m not talking the grill. I’m talking the sink. Service was a bit slow, but it was a Sunday and we didn’t mind too much.

After much confusion regarding sashimi (Atkins, again), we ordered a sashimi bento box and some udon. I wish I could tell you which type, but I can’t. It might have been tofu. We also ordered green tea, which was just so nice. I love green tea.

The bento box arrived and it was very fun. Some tuna, some mackeral, some salmon, and some other mysterious fish-like substances. Delish. It came with miso soup, which was perfect (as it always is), as well as some rice and some potato-y stuff. Good deal.

Aroma loved her udon, although she did not finish her portion. She also didn’t offer to share, but then again, sharing soup is weird.

The Verdict: I like it. A lot. Not as much as Kuli Kuli but they’ve got different styles. The food was good. It was cheap. No frills or thrills. But it delivered. Yes.

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