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Gastro: Admiral Codrington

by Krista

17 Mossop Street
Tel: 0207 581 0005

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, October 16th

The Victims: Don, Joe, Maria

The Damage: Unknown!

Don was in town and had spent the day exploring Greenwich and East London. As a change of pace from Whitechapel, Joe invited him to Chelsea for dinner at one of his favorite locals. I came along too!

I had some trouble finding the Admiral. Multiple people sent me in multiple directions, until Maria very nicely came and picked me up from a nearby intersection. It was a rainy night, so the Admiral looked appealing from a distance, all twinkly and bright inside.

I was the last to arrive and joined everyone at the bar for a quick glass and shop talk. The bar was cute and well-kept.Comfortable. A nice looking crowd. We were shown our seats in the very comfortable and earthy-toned restaurant in the back, which apparently has a glass ceiling which opens! A neat trick.

I ordered–surprise surprise–the foie gras terrine, which was lovely. It came with some apple jelly, which was a nice touch. The bread was also very tasty. A real winner. But the highlight of the evening, and in fact, my meals of the last few months, was THE VEAL. It was SO unbelievably delicious. It was fried perfectly–not with all that heavy schnitzel breading. It still managed to seem light–and dare I say–healthy?–despite all the frying. It’s two weeks later as I write this and I am SALIVATING while I think about it.

For dessert, I had another terrine–a chocolate one–and it was yummy–dense and rich. A little bit dry, but I will not hold that against it. I would still order again!

Sadly, I was so obsessed with my veal, I do not remember what my dinner companions enjoyed. I am fairly certain there were clean plates and happy faces.

The Verdict: A nice place for dinner with mom and dad, or an informally-formal work dinner. Go here. But leave some veal for me.

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Stonch's Beer Blog July 12, 2007 - 12:03 pm

My experience of going here that there was a persistent queue of people wanting to use the cubicals in the gents… you know what I mean. That kind of clientele.

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