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More Mexican: Cafe Pacifico

by Krista
5 Langley Street
Tel: 020 7379 7728

The Victims: The following review is provided by my friend Lee. I myself have visited Cafe Pacifico with my friend Con Ann, but never got around to writing about it. I concur with everything Lee has written below, so I will let you get on with it…
Last night I started my never ending search for decent Mexican food.  I have realized I will now eat Kabobs late night and not burritos but I needed a refried bean fix.  My friend Anna was also craving the food as well so I picked the best on in Zagats and ended up at Cafe Pacifo in Covent Garden.
The place in general is very Cantina like and not very swanky but I would give it an overall 3 star rating.
Chips and Salsa: This is integral to your experience and I was pleasantly surprised by the spiciness of the salsa and chips were proper chips though needed salt.
Guac: Very nice guac with a little kick
Beans and Rice: Love my beans and these were standard refried beans and Mexican rice.  Nothing fancy but it was real.
Meal: I got a mix plate and the cheese was chihuahua cheese and not English cheddar.  Chicken Enchilada had a red mole sauce on it which was good but not great.  I thought the shredded beef in my taco was very good.  Note: they called it roast beef on the menu and I was scared but it was not something I put on a sandwich. 
Dessert: We ordered some Sopapillas that sucked frankly.  They were fried and not fluffy like I like mine but was happy with the meal.
MOST IMPORTANT: The alcohol!  They had Modelo Negro, Pacifico, Corona and Dos XX but only in the brown bottle and I like the green but still good Mexi beer selection.  I had a margarita, on the rocks, salt and actually spoke to the manager about it and he said it was the proper ‘rita with sweet and sour and Triple sec.  It was very good but it was 5 pounds for the smallest glass EVER! 
The Verdict: All in all, I would go back here for a my Mexican fix in a pinch.  It isn’t fancy and it isn’t as fresh as I like it in the states but I was pleasantly surprised because nothing on my plate was "jacked up" like I have had happen when I order Nachos at a bar and get Doritos. 

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