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Macellaio, Exmouth Market

by Krista

Macellaio, AKA That Italian place I can’t pronounce.

Guys, I really like this place. Apart from the loos, which could use a refresh. One side of the space is a restaurant, the other a small bar. The menu is a relatively good value. Beef carpaccio for £5! The staff is pretty nice if a little disorganized, and well, I just like it here. But there’s never anyone here when I visit which is a little weird, although I’ve only been at lunch. (Compare their emptiness with the hopping yet supremely average Santore down the strip.)

Macellaio bills themselves as an Italian butcher and maybe that’s the thing — Italian and butchery don’t fit together in my American head. That’s fine though — you can get used to anything right? (There are a very small number of pasta dishes on the menu — 3? 4?) Apparently, this is a chain — I had no idea.

Each time I’ve been, I’ve had the same thing — the £5 beef carpaccio and the maccheroni with meat sauce. They really specialize in steaks so I know I should try one but I just haven’t gotten around to that yet. Sometimes (most of the times?), I just want some CARBS for lunch. (Never been much of a steak person.)

Note with their wine list — half the wines come from their own winery, which I think is kinda cool.

Don’t bring your vegetarian friends here though because there are VERY LARGE hunks of meat on display. Like very large.

The Verdict: I like it here. Maybe you will too. Marina did.

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