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Pick me, pick me! Vote for Londonelicious!

by Krista

Ah, jetlag. A terrible beast. So imagine–you get into bed at 10 p.m. and you read for a while, and then you turn off the lights and you try to go to sleep. But you can’t sleep. You just can’t. So you check the site traffic on your blog. And you discover…

Well Fed has just nominated you (yes, YOU) in its “Best Food Blog-City” category. And you’re the judges’ wildcard! Crazy!

Just to keep you grounded–do you remember what you were doing last night? You were watching Tivo’d copies of Wife Swap on your new 160 GB hard drive connected to your TV and eating a frozen meal from Waitrose.

Are Americans allowed to be chuffed? Heck, I don’t care. Cuz I am. Vielen Dank. And shamelessly, if you are ready and able to throw a vote my way, please do!


P.S. To clarify, go here to vote: http://wellfed.net/2007/01/03/top-5-best-food-blog-city/

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