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Lazy Blogger, Victoria Park Market

by Krista

Dear friends,

I am lazy, particularly when the sun is shining. Sometimes though, I wonder about my version of lazy vs. other people’s version of productive. Perhaps a topic for someone else’s blog. Back down to business… Here are some photos of what you’ll find in Victoria Park’s new farmers’ market come September. Like I mentioned the other day, Johanna and I were there for their trial run and had a delightful time. (I might ask Johanna if I can publish some of her photos as they are much better than mine!) Enjoy! I know I did…


I took home two different cheeses from the very attractive cheesemonger.


Johanna and I enjoyed our Bratwursts. The photos of me and the bratwursts are a little dirty. Sehr interessant. Ich hab kein Deutsch mit dem Bratwurstmeister gesprochen. Schade!


And the sign outside Victoria Park’s own Ginger Pig. Stop in and say hi to Borat for me.

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1 comment

Trig July 7, 2008 - 2:19 pm

G’wan… publish the photos. Or at least send me prints in a brown paper envelope. Must pay a visit to Vicky Park when I’m back this winter.

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