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Bakery: Loafing

by Krista

Corner of Lauriston Rd and Victoria Park Road
Tel: Unknown!

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, June 29th

The Victim: Johanna

The Damage: £2

The Background: Johanna is being her awesome self and helping me out with a special project somewhat related to my blog. See, I need a good photograph of myself. And Johanna takes great pictures.

We meet up out front the Turkish deli (Elbows?) in Victoria Park, and  there’s a new farmer’s market underway right there on the pavement. The usual suspects are all present…the German Deli, Neal’s Yard, The Isle of Wight tomato guys. There’s a nice little village-y feel and everyone seems to know each other, an odd feeling in London and one that makes me want to move to Victoria Park immediately, despite the crummy transport options. Johanna has me wander among the stalls so she can grab some candid snaps and I try not to feel too self-conscious.


We spend some time in and around the new bakery on the corner, Loafing, which just opened up two weeks ago. It’s very cute and clean and bright. We buy two little fairy cakes and people start to wonder what we’re doing with all this photo-taking. Somewhere in between, I let the butcher at The Ginger Pig shamelessly flirt with me. Apparently, his name is Borat, which is unfortunate.

The Verdict: Isn’t it always so? In the end, it was the first picture of me that Johanna took that I chose. Maybe I’ll let you see it sometime. Maybe…

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webabla July 2, 2008 - 9:37 am

I never realized there was a Turkish Deli in Victoria Park, whereabouts is it? Just by the Ginger Pig?

Richard September 2, 2008 - 11:49 am

The bread from this shop is awesome!

Astonishingly good bread.

I live the other side of the park and have taken to walking over twice a week to buy my bread here, only home made is better.

CT May 15, 2010 - 5:34 pm

ah-ha when I was reading this I twigged I know Johanna the photographer and her son is a friend of my sons. We’re Victoria Park neighbours..love your blog 🙂

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