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I’m having 50 coffees with 50 people…here’s the latest…

by Krista

When I quit my job in May, my friend Antonia showed me this article about making big life changes. You can read the article over on Inc’s website, but the headline is that when you’re making a big life change, you should have 50 coffees with 50 people. So I’ve been gradually making the rounds (it’s really only Week #2) and it’s been an awesome experience so far. Chris told me I should write a blog post about these coffees so here is Part I of a series. (Obviously, I have interpreted “coffee” and “people” loosely.) And hey, you might be on my list but I just haven’t reached out to you yet. Think about how hard it is to coordinate coffee dates with 50 people, my friends!!


Lunch with my friend Louise: Louise and I ran the British 10k together back in 2008. We hired a running coach and everything. We had lunch at Brasserie Zedel and talking about how much fun the race was. She had just run another a 10k that morning. I, unfortunately, am not ready to run a 10k anytime soon. BUT…I came home from lunch and and downloaded Couch to 5K. I just started the program so I’ll get there, eventually. Hopefully in the next month or two or three. The Verdict: I loved Brasserie Zedel. Why haven’t I eaten here before?? What a great value too. You should go here. I’m going to take my dad here.

Startup panel at The University of Chicago London Campus: Many years ago, I managed to graduate from the MBA program at The University of Chicago. I haven’t had a chance to get to any of their educational events at the London campus since I’ve been back, but on my first true day of unemployment, I decided to wander over to their panel on startups. Great idea! Not only did I run into an old colleague, but I also picked up some great tips on how to get into the world of tech startups. The disappointing bit is that they said there would be snacks after the panel. There were crisps. Crisps are not snacks. Big takeaway? Check out Escape the City.

Lunch with American in London: I know Alice from her London restaurant blog, which she sadly hasn’t updated in FOUR YEARS. I saw her last summer when I first moved back to London but haven’t seen her since. We met up at Taberna do Mercado where I ran into Nuno himself and he remembered me!! So that was lovely and kinda awesome. And then Alice and I had a great lunch where we chatted about all sorts of expat things and work things and good things. (And the boring things like freaking U.S. TAXES.) The Verdict: I liked Taberna do Mercado but I was still in my “Wait wait why aren’t I at work” panicky haze so I barely remember our meal…except for the delicious sandwiches. I think I need to go back.


Dinner with Chris and Leila at Bar Boulud: Earlier in the week, I had reached out to Chris about meeting for lunch sometime. We set up a date to meet (more in a future post), but in the interim, he suggested I join him for the 5th anniversary party at Bar Boulud. Hello. Yes. We had a great time at dinner and with Evyn, Daniel’s lovely PR person and I managed to not eat all the oysters. The Verdict: I love Bar Boulud. You will too.


Snacks at Vinoteca Clerkenwell: My friends John and David legally confirmed their union after 20 years of togetherness!!! We knew we needed a firm foundation before the festivities started. So Ben and Fiona and I met up at Vinoteca and ate all the rabbit rillettes and pork belly before the party got started. Fi gave me some new verbage to think on…Portfolio Career?

Outcomes from Week #1

  • Downloaded the Couch to 5K app.
  • Learned about Escape the City.
  • Nuno Mendes knows who I am.
  • Tiki Chris invited me to Bar Boulud after I reached out to him to meet up later this month.
  • I met some new people…Leila and Evyn.

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