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I’ll Show You Mine…Londonelicious in 2007

by Krista

TrafficI spend a lot of time with data. And thinking about Google. And I like Matt Cutts. I like Matt Cutts even more because he just puts his traffic out there. (Matt is Google’s official unofficial corporate blogger.)

So I was sorta inspired to do the same. So here you go…according to SiteMeter.com, here’s what Londonelicious looked like in 2007. The bummer part is that I use the free version of SiteMeter, which only keeps 12 months of history, so I can’t tell you what 2006 looked like. Or 2005. Or 2004. But I did just add Google Analytics over the summer, and that will keep all the history forever (and for free) so I won’t have this problem in the future. 

In general, my Traffic Sources Overview** looks just like Matt’s, which I find interesting…but then again, I am a dork.

My Top 5 Posts in 2007**
Mexican: Mucho Mas

The Leicester Square Challenge
I’ve Been Tagged. A Restaurant Meme.

Upper Street Burrito Battles
My Top 10 London Restaurants

My Top 5 Referring Web Sites (Not Including Search Engines)**

Ardeu a padaria (in Portugese) I helped João with some restaurant recs a while back. He must be huge in Portugal.
Well Fed Network I had a HUGE influx of traffic in December when I was nominated for Best Food-Oriented City Blog.
Jamfaced. Monkey Gland is BACK. And in Tokyo. And I am very jealous.
An American in London. A fellow American. In London. Who enjoys dining out. How funny!
Food & Drink in London. Howard and Ben. (They’re not a couple, btw.  But man, do they know food.)
What do you think? Think I can do 7000 visitors a month by December 2008? I think I can.
**So this data is from Google Analytics, not SiteMeter. I only implemented GA on July 9, 2007. But I still think it’s largely representative and accurate.

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John Gorman January 16, 2008 - 12:52 am

That’s solid growth. Pretty soon you’ll be able to make some big money on ads. You thinking about doing AdSense on this site?

teeth whitener January 16, 2008 - 2:34 pm

You will like Google Analytics a lot more once you get used to it! I like seeing where my visitors come from and where they go once they leave my site. It is interesting to see.

Trig January 16, 2008 - 5:38 pm

Hi Krista. I hardly ever see anyone admit to their stats. You’ve made me feel good now because I’m about 10% ahead of you in the figures and also showing about the same rise month on month. I think some sites get relatively few visitors and some get a lot more than both of us put together. I think it’s a lot to do with making the effort to read other blogs and make comments. Like this one. Lol!

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