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My Blog Stats for Q1 2009

by Krista
My blog stats q1

I took a bit of a hiatus from my little London restaurant blog in December. You can tell. It took me a while to recover, traffic-wise. But hey, mentally, it was great. No self-imposed deadlines, no nothing. I highly recommend it.

Last year, I told you my blog stats every month. I haven’t quite gotten around to that this year, so I’ll try for quarterly.

Here you go…

Top 5 Referring Sites (Not including Search Engines)
: I’ve tried to be good about posting all my reviews to Urbanspoon. I’m a bit behind. Now if only I had an iPhone.
Twitter: Who would have thunk it?
An American in London: How does she do it???
Gourmet-Chick: A relatively new arrival on the London food scene who is very diligent in her commenting. It must be working, traffic-wise. This is her first appearance in my referring sites. (She just started up in Feb 2008.) I wish I did more commenting. (I do read you all, I swear.)
Londonist: They interviewed me last month. That was nice.

Top 5 Sources of Traffic that’s New to Me (Again, Not including Search Engines)

Stumbleupon: I still haven’t figured this site out.
Mmm-yoso: I still love these guys and hope I can make it out to the West Coast soon to try some of their favorites.

Update on the London Restaurant Widget
I have totally updated the London Restaurant Widget. Big-time. It is action-packed with London restaurant blogs now. You will love it. Install it on iGoogle or on your blog or on your friend’s blog.

For those of you new to widgets, my London Restaurant Blog widget searches across all the London restaurant blogs to find you first-person reviews from people you should trust. Go forth and install. Just click Get Widget to get the code.

Here’s who’s in my London Restaurant Blog Search Widget…
Londonelicious, London Review of Breakfasts, American in London, World Foodie Guide, Dos Hermanos, Food & Drink in London, Cheese & Biscuits, Edible LondonTasty Treats, Andy Hayler, Very Good Taste, Thring for Your Supper, The World in 202 Meals, Sausage & Bread, Ripe London, Provender, Meal Club, London Eater, Gluttonous Sins, Genuiness, Food Snob, Bellaphon, Around Britain with a Paunch, A Girl Has to Eat, Eat Drink Man Woman, Gourmet Chick, The Greasy Spoon, London Ethnic Eating, Tummy Rumble, Love 1 London, Eggs Bacon Chips & Beans, Oishii Oishii, Sparklya, London Restraurant Blog, Food Stories, Tamarind & Thyme, The Gooseberry Fool, Intoxicating Prose

If you’re not listed here and you’ve got more than a few London restaurant reviews on your blog, leave a note in the Comments and I’ll include you in my next update. This is a very organic list of blogs that I update sporadically, and I know I am probably missing more than a few important ones!

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