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Happy Sushi, Oslo

by Krista
Happy Sushi Nigri

Happy Sushi Nigri

Happy Sushi

Universitetsgaten 2
0164 Oslo

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, August 9th, 2009

The Victim: Me

The Damage: 150 NOK

The Background: I had this plan. I had done my research ahead of time and I was going to have dinner at Oslo’s most popular sushi joint.

But I had neglected to check the hours. Alex Sushi is closed on Sundays. I went to the hotel concierge. He looked about 18. Maybe 17 even. He handed me some brochures after informing me (surprise!) that he doesn’t eat out in Oslo much. (No one, I’ve learned, eats out in Oslo much. It’s too expensive.)

This called for Plan B.

I asked him to find me the closest sushi joint. I’m sorry. I just had this sushi craving. In Oslo. And I needed to sort it out.

So he finds me Happy Sushi, which is just around the corner from my hotel so all-in-all, it sounds fine.

Happy Sushi Outside

Happy Sushi Outside

The Entrance: Happy Sushi looks like a shit hole, and it sorta is. Maybe I’m being overly harsh. But it’s more a take-out place than anything else, and I was in the mood to linger over dinner. Plus, the people that work at Happy Sushi? They are NOT happy. The woman behind the counter has to be the farthest thing from happy that you can ever imagine.

I’m given an awkward table in the middle of the room. A table for 6. (8 really, if you could the ends.) I am just one person. And I’m surrounded by other tables with people at them. I am a good solo diner, but I sorta feel like I’m on show here.

The Sushi: Surprisingly fresh. Well, maybe not surprising. This is Oslo after all. Really, it’s super super fresh and soft and buttery. I don’t want to like (Un)Happy Sushi, but I do like their nigri.

Happy Sushi Verdict

The price was right and the food was good. But I wasn’t too pleased with the attitude of the woman behind the counter or her little helper. Oh, or the flat-screen TV on the wall that showed a fake fishtank. Yes. Here it is.

Happy sushi tb

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An Americanin London September 7, 2009 - 12:10 pm

I hate when that happens (i.e., you’ve picked out a great place and missed the fact that it’s closed the night you want to go). But sounds like it worked out in the end. How was Oslo overall? I’ve never been.

Krista September 7, 2009 - 6:28 pm

Oslo is nice. Very pricey though. Truth be told, I like Stockholm better,
but that could just be because I’ve probably spent something like 2.5 months
in Stockholm all-together, whereas with Oslo, I’ve only been there for maybe
4 days in total. I checked your site and I don’t think you’ve been to
Stockholm…if you haven’t, I’d go there before Oslo…

Signe September 8, 2009 - 7:01 pm

Shame you missed Alex Sushi, have fond memories of going there as a kid. That’s a while ago, haven’t lived in Oslo for 10 years

Agree with you Stockholm is more interesting, but Oslo has its charms. Nothing like getting on the little trains from downtown to go skiing in the wilderness right behind Holmenkollen

Incidentally this coffee place featured in Monocle magazine looks appealing:


Hope the rest of your stay proves to be a fun one 😉

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