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Dinner, Oslo

by Krista


Stortingsgata 22
N-0161 Oslo

Date of Last Visit: Monday, August 10th, 2009

The Victims: Ketil, Thomas, Stian

The Damage: Unknown. Ketil paid. But you can assume it was a lot because this is Oslo, after all.

The Background: We went to Dinner for dinner. You can imagine the “Who’s on first?” conversations we had. “We’re going where for dinner?”  “Yes, you know I will want to have dinner later.” “No, I know we’re going to dinner. But WHERE?”

Yes, the first night in Oslo, I had Japanese food. And the second night, I had Chinese food. Seafood was the star of both shows though, so there is that.

The Entrance: Dinner (the restaurant) is spa-like. Al ll dark and shadowy with Buddha heads all around. I can see why some might like it here. It’s a business dinner kind of place. A place to celebrate anniversaries. You better have something to celebrate because God Damnit, Dinner is freaking expensive.

Dinner seafood trio

The Food: Somehow, we get talked into taking the set menu. I normally shy away from set menus in Chinese restaurants because it’s normally tourist-fare, and it’s way more food than I would ever eat on my own. But we do it. And it starts out surprisingly strong, with some extra points for presentation. There’s some huge prawns, grilled crab, and grilled scallops. I love the scallops. The prawns are hard work.

Dinner spicy beef

The spicy beef is a bit of a miss. The beef is overly crunchy. There’s nothing left to it. The aromatic crispy duck is right-on, just like crispy duck should be. This is where I learn that apparently, ducks are very very rare in Norway. I find this very odd. There’s a lot of water in Oslo. Ducks like water. So what’s the problem?

But yes, having crispy duck is a very very rare treat in Norway, so now you know where to take your Norwegian friends next time they’re in town!

But back to the food…I’m not too keen on the lobster, which again, is hard work. I really don’t enjoy working for my food.

Dinner desserts

The Desserts: The desserts, except maybe with the exception of the coconut ice cream, are decidedly un-Chinese-like. I’m not so impressed. They look nice, but that’s about it.

The Verdict: I wasn’t paying and you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. But I felt the price/quality ratio here was out of whack. We paid a lot of money for some good food. But just good.

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John September 8, 2009 - 7:26 pm

This looks like a terrific place. Hope to get there someday!

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