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Hanoi from the Back of an Electric Car

by Krista

I have so much to share about Saigon but I am low on time and I want to keep up with my commitment to myself. See, when I began this journey, I promised myself that I would try to get back into the rhythm of blogging and blog every day about what I had done and what I had seen. I’m already falling behind. I need some more “logistics and operations” days to get me sorted. (“Logistics and operations” days are the days where I travel and don’t press myself to do anything more than fly on a plane, get money from an ATM, check myself into a hotel, get connected to the Internet, confirm my travel plans, book a spa appointment, and hang out at the hotel bar. See, when I write that all out…that’s a lot, isn’t it?

With thanks today to Viator, I booked a private tour of Hanoi this morning It included stops at all the major tourist attractions (Ho Chi Minh entombed!), a ride in an electric golf cart through the old town, and a pho noodle lunch. A decent value at $90, including hotel pick-up and drop off. So thank you Viator, for making travel easy. I appreciate it.

Here’s some of what I saw from the back of that electric golf cart in Hanoi. Enjoy.

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