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Cruising the Mekong Delta

by Krista

I took a speedboat ride down the Mekong Delta in Vietnam the other day. It was crazy to watch the city give way to lush green forests and to see tugboats and barges give way to old ladies on skips full of pineapples. I traveled down the Mekong with the tour company Les Rives, a company I had heard great things about. And while it was a nice day out, I think we got the short end of the stick with our guide who told us practically nothing about Vietnam or the Mekong during the trip and actually FELL ASLEEP for most of the ride back. Thanks for that. (Take away quote from the tour “They are not poor,” which the guide would say whenever she pointed at a house or a boat.)

There was a another boat from Les Rives that left at the same time we did. We would bump into them at different stops and I would sneak over to listen to the other guide talk about this beautiful part of Vietnam. (He had had a roommate from Louisiana at one point so his accent was hysterical…in a good way.) There are other ways to get to the Mekong, including by bus, but who wants to be stuck on a bus for hours? So I’d recommend the boat. Just make sure you get an informative guide.

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