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Giordano’s Pizza, Chicago

by Krista

Giordanos pizza box 
135 East Lake Street

When I was in my corporate apartment last month, I had a kitchen and plentiful access to as many frozen-ready meals as America could provide. But I lived across the street from a Giordano's, a branch of an iconic Chicago pizza chain.

So it was all too tempting when I first arrived back in Chicago to visit Giordano's Web site when I was too lazy to do anything else and order pizza online. Or at least try to. Because sadly, unlike Domino's which makes it so very easy to order pizza online and track its delivery, my local Giordano's required a phone call and a 20 minute minute wait before I could run over and pick up my pizza. No iPhone app here, that's for sure. (Sometimes I imagine trying to live for a month only doing things that can be done by iPhone.)

Giordanos pizza 
(Thanks to Dos Hermanos, whenever I buy a pizza like this, I'm reminded of what Simon thinks of pizza. It almost ruins my appetite. Almost.)

Let me just emphasize that the above photo is of a THIN crust pizza. (Spinach.) Pretty thick for a thin crust, huh? You should see the THICK crust. It's MASSIVE.

But there's still something oddly compelling about a Giordano's pizza. The sauce is pretty tangy. The crust has a good crunch to it. And the cheese is mild enough but yet sharp enough to pull everything together.

And you know what…it's even better the next day. For breakfast. Yes.

The Verdict: Call me a sucker, but Giordano's is hard to resist. Would be even better if I could order online and track it online like Domino's though.

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Jeanne @ CookSister! October 26, 2010 - 2:45 pm

So right. There is something evil and yet compelling abotu Giordano’s pizzas – even the deep dish ones, which seem to me to be upside-down pizza!!

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