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For Today’s Active Lifestyle

by Krista

For Today's Active LifestyleApparently, I am not so very active. Taken today at Ten Ten Tai on Brewer Street. Hopefully you can read it. If not, here's what it says…

The thirst-quencher you have grown to love,
in a capable bottle for today's active life style.

Firstly, talk about damned with faint praise: the thirst-quencher I've grown to love? I didn't love it immediately?
Secondly, this photo would have been so much better if I had actually captured the cap on the bottle. Sorry.
Thirdly, how often do you say, "Hey, let me throw a beer in my bag so I can drink it on the bus/in the car/walking home from work?"

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1 comment

Linlin October 29, 2008 - 9:37 pm

They have had those in Japan for years, I think the’re kinda cool. But I surely wont chuck ’em in the bag for a drink on the bus 😉

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