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Caffè Streets, Wicker Park

by Krista

Caffè StreetsCaffè Streets
1750 West Division

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Victim: Me

The Damage: About $8. Two cappuccinos.

CappuccinoI could swear that at some point in the past, I wrote about my local coffee shop in London, [email protected] on Goswell Road. (Later shuttered and then reopened as Goswell Road coffee.) Oddly, I can’t find the post. But I loved that place. The servers were quirky, the music was awesome, and the coffee was…well…just okay. But they had free wifi and big pastries and a cool wall mural and big comfy couches. I wrote a lot of blog posts from Goswell Road coffee, and if you’ve ever wondered what my Twitter avatar is all about, that’s me sitting in the window at Goswell Coffee blogging away, with the coffee cup light fixtures reflected in my monitor.

Today I tried out Caffè Streets as my new local coffee shop. There’s no wifi, so that means no blogging from Caffè Streets. But I still like the vibe and I like that there are multiple types of coffee beans you can choose from as you’re ordering your cappuccino.

This was my second visit to Caffè Streets. I tried them out last week but my latte was an utter failure. It was COLD. This was mainly because just as I arrived, a bus load of octogenarians on a food tour of Chicago arrived too and the staff were rushing to make a million coffees. This morning was much quieter and calmer, and the staff were very attentive. The cappuccinos were both beautifully prepared, and it was nice to sit there, watching the foot traffic down Division. (There are a lot of dogs in the neighborhood, that’s for sure.) I’d go back here.

The Verdict: Good stuff.


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