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Blaggers’ Banquet, The Auction

by Krista

The fun just doesn't stop! After our awesomely amazing Blaggers' Banquet dinner and live auction–staffed and run completely by London (and London-area) food and restaurant bloggers–we've got even more foodie prizes to auction off for Action Against Hunger. Here's what I suggest you do:

Read the awesome write-ups about all the energy and enthusiasm that went into making the Blaggers' Banquet such a success. I suggest you start with Niamh's post. And Sig's post. (Our organizers extraordinaire.) They link to all the other posts. If you still have time after that, maybe take a look at all the photos. And THEN…if you're STILL dying for more (you know you are), follow the #blaggersbanquet hashtag on Twitter.

The #blaggersbanquet hashtag is key because it will keep you posted on everything that's happening with our online auction. Yes, there are many many fabulous prizes to be won, and they're slowly but surely making their way onto eBay, so check back often! Visit the Blaggers' Banquet page on eBay now!

And hey, if you've got something to donate, IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Just drop me a note via my Contact Me page.

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