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Biarritz, I Love You Too

by Krista

I’ve already told you how much I loved San Sebastian. We were only there for a few hours, but I would gladly eat my way through San Sebastian again. Now let me tell you how much I loved Biarritz. In photos. Firstly, I love escargot anywhere in France. I loved the escargot in Biarritz especially so. I’m sorry we couldn’t convince Matt to try any.


Biarritz endeared itself to me forever with this little sign, seen in the window of a shop called Kickasss that was a short distance away from our escargot location. Remember…”Mustach is not a crime!”


I particularly liked the market in Biarritz. Who wouldn’t???



And then there was the ice cream shop on the main drag, which made all the ice cream on the premises. We went there twice. Only 3 euros for two scoops!


And then there was Blue Cargo, our very lovely Sunday night dinner location after all the wedding festivities were over. Despite consuming my fair share of foie gras over the weekend, I opted for the restaurant’s foie gras as a starter…


And this dish as a main that was heart-breakingly delicious and filling…the spelling escapes me but it’s something like Pennetier? Pannatiere? Do you know? If so, please tell me!! And send me a recipe.


And it was all followed by a macaroon ice cream sandwich with a refreshing bit of raspberry sherbet…I am disappointed in myself for not coming up with macaroon ice cream sandwiches on my own…


Blue Cargo is located at avenue d’Ilbarritz BIDART, 64- Pyrénées Atlantiques (Pays Basque). Ryanair flies from Stansted direct to Biarritz. The airport is about a ten minute drive into town. You should go, both to Biarritz and to Blue Cargo. Don’t forget your mustache. It’s not a crime.

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damo June 4, 2008 - 5:59 pm

Thanks for the link and the nice words about KICKASSS 😉

damo June 4, 2008 - 6:05 pm

About the dish at the blue cargo it seems that it is a Parmentier.


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