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La Lycorne, Dinan, Brittany

by Krista

La lycorne

La Lycorne
6 , Rue de la Poissonerie
22100 Dinan

Date of Last Visit: Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Victims: Gerry, Ben, Sarah

The Damage: About 20 euros each

The Background: It’s official. I love Brittany. The people of Brittany are happy. They eat crepes all the time. And they drink cider all the time. They believe in aperitifs (as, I suppose, does most of France). And they love caramel. We have a lot in common. I want to live here.

The people of Brittany also love mussels. And frites, of course. So on the hearty recommendation of our very French and very wonderful innkeeper, we set out for La Lycorne, conveniently located on Dinan’s tourist strip. But here’s the thing…Dinan is so cute and the people are so nice, we don’t care about the tourist strip. We just care about the mussels.

Lycorne mussels

The Food: We are wise and only order two buckets of mussels for us four. This proves to be more than enough. Much more than enough! Yes, we know we’re sorta fudging the “only eat mussels in months with Rs in them” rule, but it’s the very end of August and September is NOT far away. My mussels are in a cream sauce, filled with fat pieces of salmon. The mussels are small. The salmon is generous. I find myself searching out the salmon more than the mussels. Ah, but the frites are great.

The Funny Bit: It’s 12 noon on a Sunday and everyone wants to know what I want to drink. Um, can we wait until 2 p.m. please? 12 noon on a Sunday just seems so EARLY.

The Verdict: Although I love Dinan and I love mussels, I’d say that La Lycorne was just okay. I’m not dying to go back or anything. But I’d go back to Brittany, for sure. You can fly direct to Dinard from Stanstead for super-cheap on Ryanair, where you can also make calls in flight. (Which is either the best invention ever or like the worst possible to thing to happen to airline travel. Can you hear me now? Can you hear me now?)

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An American in London September 10, 2009 - 12:18 pm

Phonecalls in the air – I vote that it’s the worst thing that could happen to air travel. And I’d never heard that rule about mussels and months with “R” in them. Wouldn’t the ideal time to eat mussels vary by geography and seasons and such?

Lizzie September 11, 2009 - 10:02 pm

I had one of my best eating holidays in Brittany when I was about 17 (and a much more able eater than I am now, I am sad to say). Dad and I based our days around food; “so, after lunch here we’ll do this until dinner time”. The final night there were two main courses I wanted in a particular restaurant, so I had them both instead of a starter. Fantastic part of France.

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